Hi, I’m Dyna!

The bits of me that’s unseen shouts self-esteem. That’s what makes me very wealthy.
My purpose of living is to go out in the world and make other women realize how wealthy they are from within. I help them showcase this inner wealth by how they dress up and project themselves in the outer world- like they really mean to win!

I grew up without parents in the Philippines. Finished a Bachelor’s degree. Started a business in Fashion at 22. Ran it for 5 years. Sold and left everything at 27. Travelled the world for 2 years. Studied Fashion Styling in New York City. And now I’m back to my core and doing what I’m called to do. With my life experiences, and all the lessons l have learned, l put it as my mission to support and empower other women by helping them improve their style and hopefully with their boosted confidence, together we can make a difference in the lives of many kids around the world.


Personal Styling

We will identify your facial shape and body type, determine your color palette and overall style personality and develop a style guideline that will be your ultimate basis for picking up your wardrobe.

Image Consulting

We will cultivate an updated appearance based on your present goals. We will also examine your communication, posture, gesture and overall demeanor and improve all of it.

Closet Make Over

We will organize your closet and identify the things that will stay and those that will go away. You be left with styles that suits you and more space for some interesting pieces that will make you stand out.

Personal shopping

I will custom select wardrobe from boutiques and department stores that will suit your body type, fashion sensibility, budget and lifestyle.

Photo shoots and Ads

l will give recommendations on the best outfit to be packaged in the Ads and Shoots or pick the best ones amongst the options that will be presented by the client. This will go with the right make up choices and all accessories.

Skype Style Consultation

We will do a thorough style consultation via Skype. We will initially start with identifying what you want to achieve in terms of looks and style. We will examine what you have in your closet that stays true to that concept. You toss away those that don’t belong. I will come up with your “must-have” list. In the end, you will fill your closet with just those that makes you look your best.

Ready to level up your mindset and let it reflect in your style and demeanor?


Dyna Dizon